What is Career Coaching?

For those who’ve had some professional coaching, it might seem blindingly obvious. But for those without any coaching experience, it can be a mystery – a process too often wrapped up in jargon, confused with emotionally-rooted therapy or mixed up with specific skills training. In this quick blog, I shine a light on career coaching [...]

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Advantages and Disadvantages of the DAS

Debt Arrangement Scheme Advantages You are not insolvent Debt management solutions such as bankruptcy and a trust deed are both classed as formal insolvency procedures. While it may feel embarrassing or depressing to have to go through this, and you may feel there is a social stigma attached, it can be a positive way of [...]

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Its a Marathon not a sprint ! If you want that promotion, start training now

If you wanted to run a marathon, you could get up out of your chair right this minute, step outside and start running. Eventually, you may well manage to hit your 26 (and a bit) miles. But it’s bound to go much better if you prepare a little. Create a training plan, take a good [...]

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Sri Lanka – Free Visas for UK Tourists

Sri Lanka is to offer free visas on arrival to tourists from the UK and 30 other countries from next month The country's tourist office is hoping to build on a good performance for March, when visitor numbers increased by 5%. The free visa period will operate for six months from May 1. The free-visa [...]

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Your Career and You – Its a Generational Thing!

If you are under 30, then in theory the world is your oyster. However, if you were taking your first tentative steps in the job market as a 20 ish year old in 2008, just as the last Recession was kicking off, then you’ll know that it’s been a rough ride. You’ll now be nearer [...]

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Please look after me when I’m leaving

Please look after me when I’m leaving We’re living in turbulent times, to put it mildly. Redundancy has become a common story on the business pages, a permanent part of our business landscape. For those involved, from the business leaders to the HR teams to the colleagues to those effected, it’s a painful process. Yet [...]

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Why Local Business’s Need SEO in 2019

Every day, digital technology is continuing to evolve, so it is getting more important for businesses (large or small) to have a great online presence. Many local businesses try to do this via their own social media channels, however given the fact that many people use search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo [...]

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