It’s not good to share! If you run your business over contended broadband, this will make a lot of sense to you…

I have a young daughter and my evenings and weekends at the moment are spent showing her that it IS good to share. My weekdays though are often spent telling clients and business people that I speak to that it is NOT good to share!

When it comes to business broadband, many businesses in the UK are still running over shared (contended) domestic broadband connections.

Any given “green cabinet” can have as many as 300 other premises connected to it and this means that they are, in reality, using a shared connection. As a consequence, their own connection will slow at peak times as more and more users use the very same infrastructure. As time goes on as well, more and more premises will be connecting to this infrastructure.

Gone are the days when private broadband connections were the sole preserve of big banks or multinational companies with unicorn-like turnovers. Indeed, with wholesale pricing having fallen 83% in the past 4 years alone (driven largely by OFCOM) AND the advent of government funding AND the building of new networks increasing competition, SMEs are seeing that in many cases, they can’t afford to be left in the dark ages when it comes to their broadband connectivity.

The article below from the Sunday Times explains perfectly the experience of a business who has noticed their broadband speed diminish steadily over the past few months.

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The go-slow coincided with dozens of his neighbours in the village of Pattishall, Northamptonshire, also taking out fast internet deals.

Author: Jamie Dalrymple – 2 Circles Consulting